Nandita Parker

Nandita Agarwal Parker is the founder, portfolio manager, and CEO of Karma Capital Management LLC and the founder of Asset Managers Roundtable of India (AMRI). Throughout her career it has always been a priority to champion the cause of gender balance in boardrooms and promote the presence of women in leadership positions in corporate India.

Parker has also always had a passion for the world’s oceans - whether that be through exploring, sailing, diving, you name it. Unfortunately this has put her in the position to witness the gradual and continuing degradation of coral reefs, extinction of marine species, and increasing plastic litter on even the most remote beaches firsthand.

In order to give back to the oceans that have created and sustained life on Earth for billions of years, she has committed to reversing these trends through the launch of Ma Oceans, a platform that will serve as a virtual community and social media platform to accelerate solutions for restoring the health of the oceans and address climate change.