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The MaOceans Platform


The core of our platform is to unite the larger ocean loving, sustainability conscious, mindfully aware community on a single platform. We capture the proliferation of local startups and connect them to a wider array of donors. We link smaller efforts and communities to a larger platform to magnify the impact of thousands of individual efforts manifold. In our analysis of the six systemic problems faced by our oceans, our Ma Oceans team noticed some patterns and systemic gaps in existing approaches to ocean conservation. Using data analytics and technology, we expect to enhance the efficiency and reach of groups that join us. As a combined platform we can achieve efficiency of scale often not available to smaller local conservation efforts. Importantly we speak with one voice and influence the purchasing decisions of millions who join us to change the global supply chains that are today entirely fossil fueled. 


Ma Oceans is a platform meant to resolve these complex issues, yielding a holistic approach to saving our oceans from the challenges they face. We strive to educate people on simple steps they can take to help out, engaging them with understandable science and methods for practicing more practical and sustainable life choices. We empower all individuals looking to help fight climate change, to better serve our planet and its oceans. 

The COVID-19 virus has dismantled prevalent economic models and revealed mankind’s vulnerability in the face of nature. Similarly, the pace of destruction of natural ecosystems, the unsustainable rate of climate change, is causing scientists to sound the alarm bells. Yet our current systems are not acting fast enough to respond or have a meaningful impact, leaving us mentally and physically unable to deal with its aftermath. In a world of connective technologies, people feel isolated from nature and each other. Building resilient communities that nurture each other and nature is the next step in our evolution as intelligent human beings.

While many individuals and organizations stand up to fight the battle against climate change, by and large people are unaware of what they can do to help fix the bigger picture. 


Ma Oceans is the connective tissue for the human race. From recycling plastics and glass to investing in ocean clean-ups and sustainable technologies, there is a way for all entities to participate in saving our oceans. By simplifying the way people view these projects and data, we hope to shift the mindsets of communities towards taking on personal responsibility to adopt more Earth-friendly practices and expanding their participation.